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Subject: Fearless part 1 chapter 1Fearless part 1 chapter 1this is a continuation of forever and always
(5 months later)Cj: I never thought about guys before, i had a girlfriend. This is all 15 17 lolita pic so confusing. But let me fill you in on everything. After Nate and Ryan broke up, well Ryan hasn't gone out with anyone since and Nate he umm well he has changed a bit. I mean he is still is a nice guy and everything but he became well a little preppier. He really hasn't gone out with another guy but as for the ladies, you can't get them off of him. He even joined the football team. Since he and Ry haven't talked much but i see them glancing at each other, but anyway Ry decided to join the band ,which i'm in and the best part of all it's me and Nate's senior year. Yeah Nate passed, thanks to Ry ha ha.
Ry: Huh the irst week of school always seems like a bust to me. I mean instead of talking about what we did or introducing ourselves (like we do every year we should just get on with the program). As the week passed so did my will to pay attention. Ugh Nate wasn't lying when he said junior year was the hardest. Every day was the same thing, i go to school then drama practice, then band practice. huh i don't get home till like 9 each day. But on the bright side i play fridays and thats where i see Nate on the field."Hey ry" "Hi Cj" "so..." "So what?" "umm have you seen Nate?" "No not really" "Ok, umm i need your help" "With?" "Well as you know there are four cymbal players and 3 snare, and i am one of the snares" "yes kds loli mode top i know that" "well i wanted to know if you would hold for me" "why?" "cause i don't like Tina she is a bitch, all she does is complain and she keeps saying i'm fucking Mexican when I'm Italin i ust look a little Mexican" "Ha ha Cj i thought you were i'm sorry" "I'ts ok i just want you to hold for me" "Ok" "Thanks see ya around" "Bye"As Friday came we were all getting ready for the game "Hey Ry do you need a ride?" "I don't know Kelly" "Ok let me know" I finally finished packing my stuff in the truck i bumped into Nate"Good luck in your show tonight Ry, i want to see it but we have to talk plays during half time." "It's ok, i will be seeing you, and i'm pretty sure lolita preteen 10 yo wining the game is more important," "So do you need a ride" "Ahh i don't know I'm sorry" "It's ok i just wanted to know" "Ha ha i think Cj is giving me a ride" "oh umm ok"We got the buses and i sat next to my best friend Emily. Cj sat in front of me "Emily will you sit next to me" "Ok Amanda, Ryan i'm going over there ok" "Ok" she moved and so did Cj "You mind if i sit here" "no" he started talking and i fell asleep.The foot ball game went quick, we preformed at half time and it was the third quarter finally we can get some food. As we made are way to the stands i was in front of everyone. I felt some one grabbing me and rubbing my ass. I turned around and saw Cj he grinned and started to grind into me "Cj i..i..." "Shhh" We went back to the stands and our band director decided to make us play bleacher music. Well the song that he picked was a song that we had to hold for the snares and since it was a tight fit we had to be on our knees in front of the snares. Since there were four cymbals and three snares one of us didn't have to hold. "Hey Kenny do you mind if Ryan holds for me?" "No" with that being said i was as the snares and other cymbal players called it Cj's cymbal bitch "I like you like that" i rolled my eyes and we continued to play.The rest of the night went by quick and before i knew it we were back at the high school "you ready to go" "Yeah" I got in Cj's car and he pulled out of the lot.I turned around when he stopped at a red light and he grabed my ass" "Cj!" "come on i'm hard" "What about chelsea" "I want you" He pulled in a lot and pulled me into him. He sat me on his lap "You feel that" "Yes" "PLEASE I'M SO HARD" "your a pervert" "A very sexy pervert" "mexicano perverto" "ha ha really funny i heard from Nate how good you are" "Really?" "yeah"i put my hands into his pants "Well some one is hung" "you have no idea" we moved to the back seat and he stripped both of us. I started to jack off his 9 incher "Jeeze Cj take it easy" "blow me bitch" "No" "Come on" i slid between his legs and wrapped my mouth around his cock head "Ohh yeah that feels so good" he started to thrust a little "Deep throat me" I closed my eyes and before i knew it his thick pubes were brushing against my tiny nose " Oh my god Nate was fucking right keep going" i swirled my tongue and swallowed his vast amounts of pre cum "Ry i'm gonna come get off i want your ass" i didn't listen i went down again "Oh Uhh Yeahh Ry!!!!!" he tasted strong sorta spicy ha ha just kidding it was more salty not at all like Nate's "Oh yeah your going to stay down there if you want a ride home." "You can't drive like that" "Why not" "cause i rather walk home then get in an accident and
besides i'm not up for it" "Fine do you mind if we get a pizza i'm starving" "Ok but i'm free lolita preteen tgp not that hungry"he parked the car and there we were pizza heaven, the first place where Dave, Nate, and I actually sat down together and acted as if we were the best of friends (not saying that we aren't friends it's just that Nate is more popular than ever and we rarely see each other and Dave is in rehab for his drug problem) as we walked in i saw the football team and there in the middle of the crowd having the time of his life was Nate. I looked away when i saw him glance over. Cj asked me if i was ok, i told him yeah and that i felt a little awkward being around Nate he then asked me if i wanted to leave and i told him i was ok.he picked the same table where Dave Nate and i sat last time "Whoa ry since when are your lolita news bbs art
eyes purple?" "its my natural eye color" "i thought it was brown" "no those are my contacts" "cool did umm.." "Did what" "Did Nate know your eyes are purple" "i don't think so i always wore contacts " "oh that sucks your eyes are really pretty" "Cj your a nerd" i turned my head and i saw Nate with a sad look on his face. "Cj i got to go pee be right back" "What do you want?" "Shirley temple" "What the fuck is that" "Just get it"Nate: I haven't been as happy as i used to be, i don't have Ry by my side and i never see him and when i do i don't say anything. "Hey Nate do you want a beer?" "No i don't drink" "Fine" "be right back" when i saw my friend Cj with Ry i was furious, i walked over to there table "Hey Nate" " What are you doing here with my boyfriend" "what do you mean i thought you two broke up a while ago" "Well yeah but what about guy code?" "Um" "You know where you don't go out with my ex's" "That only applies to girls" "No it doesn't" "Well i can't help you there Ryan is with me" "But what about chelsea" "She wouldn't put out and Ry is well he is different" "Yeah i know" "Don't be mad" "how can i not be" "well i'm sorry" "No i am" "Why?" "For being a complete asshole and not talking to him" "Well he got a new naked nymphet lolitas models
phone do you want the number" "YES!!!" "calm down" "hurry
he is going to be back any minute now" "ok ok 8250465" "thanks" "Oh and Nate i really don't love Ry i just need to get away from chelsea" "Don't hurt himor i'll hurtyou" "I won't" i walked away with Ry's new number both of us got new phones over the summer and we didn't exchange numbers, but now i'll give him a surprise call or text huh maybe thre is hope for usRy: i walked out of the bathroom and i bumped into someone "Sorry i wasn't..." "Its ok Ry" "Oh hi Nate" ""Hey" "umm..." "So whats up" "You know whats up" "Beside the obvious" "Umm not much ukraine russian loli bbs how about you" "I'm on the football team" "Yeah i noticed" "I noticed you are in marching band thats sorta weird how the band and football players play at the same time" "Don't forget cheerleaders" "Yeah why didn't you do cheer leading, you have the legs for it" "I don't know" "are you wearing contacts" "no" "but your eyes they are" "Purple i know its my natural eye color" "I thought they were brown" "No that was the contacts" "oh well i like them" "thanks i like your green eyes" "purple and green make barney" "Ha ha Nate your a dork" "Your dork" "I'll see you later i got to go" i walked away back to my table Cj was already done eating so we left. We got in his
car and headed to my house."Hey do you want to have a lolita news bbs art quickie before i drop you off" "I don't know" "Come on a little blow job" index of lolita 12year
"No perv" "Fine how bout your little ass" "No" "Oh come on please" i reached over and stuck my hand in his pants. he started thrusting. "can you suck me please" "no" fine i'll settle for jerking" "You better cause i'm not feeling good" "Ok i'm sorry" "it's ok" he cumed all over my hand then licked it off" "Taste like a taco" "Cj your italin you idiot" "ha ha i know i wanted to make you laugh" "it worked thanks for the ride and stuff" "Your welcome see you tomorrow" "Bye Cj" "Bye my little cock sucker" he laughed and drove awayas i walked to my house door i got a text "This Sunday go to state street park at 10pm" from your secret admirerwell thats not creepy at all hmm Sunday is two days away i guess i can go.
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